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The team

We are CodeSync

We are strategists, researchers, information architects, front/back-end developers, digital marketing experts, graphic designers, UX designers, digital evangelists, motion artists, videographers, illustrators and more.

We do what we do because we love it. We are ready to tackle challenges. We are excited to deliver powerful designs. We are thrilled to work with our clients and make things happen.


Our project management team is seriously organized and certified in different methodologies.

Hi, I’m Annesha. I’m a Senior Project Manager. I put my heart and soul in every project I organize.
Hi, I’m Avijit. I am codeSync’s Operations Lead for the operational side of our agency. I also drive and manage projects.
Hi, I’m Raktim. I’m a Project Manager at codeSync. I’m passionate about brand building.
Hi I’m Suvajit. I’m a Business Development Manager. I am your first point of contact and will help estimate and start your project.
Hi, I’m Goutam. I’m a Business Development Manager at codeSync. I believe that adding human emotions to a project builds lasting partnerships.
Hi, I’m Ashoke, Project Manager at codeSync. I love keeping every project well organized and structured.
Hi, I’m Sudip. I am a Project Manager at codeSync. I believe that adding human emotions to a project builds lasting partnerships.

Juggling Multitaskers

Our executives are always on the go, managing diverse assignments.

Hi, I’m Anupam. I’m the Founder of codeSync. I am involved in every project as Creative Director and Business strategist.
Hi, I’m Gourav. I am a Partner at codeSync. I love helping clients strategize and put together fantastic campaigns.


Our business development team is here to assess your needs, estimate your project, and help mobilize our participating talent.

Hi I’m Mainak. I’m doing Business Development. I’m passionate about storytelling and contribute to different teams within codeSync.
Hi, I'm Rupak. I'm a Strategic Account Supervisor, in charge of codeSync’s business development.

Code Magicians

codeSync’s front-end and back-end programming engineers play with cutting edge technology. They have the ability to code the most innovative ideas.

Hi, I’m Tushar. I’m a CTO at codeSync. I oversee our development team and code challenging structures.
Inspired to work with us?
Just say hello. We would love to learn about your goals and brainstorm ideas together.