What’s New In Angular 10

Angular 10 is here ! This time the update is smaller than before, but there is some notable changes in the framework and CLI (Command Line Interface).

Usually Angular team releases two major updates every year to synchronize with rest of TypeScript, JavaScript eco-system.

What's New

  • Strict Mode
  • New Default Browser Configuration
  • ESM2015 Bundle Removed from Angular Package Format [View]

Strict Mode – From Angular 10, Angular CLI will offer a more strict environment while creating new project.

Enabling strict mode will give you some additional control and maintainability over your project, to enable this you have to pass one additional flag --strict during project creation.

So, your new CLI command will be –

ng new --strict

Enabling Strict Mode will set TypeScript parse in strict mode and "use strict" will be used for each .ts source file.

Template Type Checking will be considered as strict previously angular has two types of “template type checking” Basic Mode and Full Template Type Checking Mode

Browser Configuration – With the latest Angular 10, there will be less browser support, don’t worry Angular team didn’t remove any latest or most used browsers. Some older and obsolete browsers are removed by default. However you can still add them by editing the .browserslistrc file.

Deprecated support for Internet Explorer 9, 10, IE Mobile, UC Browser

ESM5 Deprecation – Angular Package Manager will not provide support of ESM5 bundles. This will save at least 120MB during downloading and installing, when running yarn add or npm install for Angular package.

Updating to Angular 10

If you are already familiar with Angular environment, then you can update your angular with [email protected]. To update perform the following –

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

Breakage Changes -
TypeScript 3.6 / 3.7 / 3.8 no longer supported. Minimum requirement is 3.9

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